Hello Readers,

“The Extraordinary” has been revamped, renamed and relaunched! It is now on WEBTOONS and is retitled “Team Dynamics”. Because of this, I will no longer be posting my comic here. It’s still free to read alongside my other new project “Dark Days and Bright Nights”.

Here’s the hyperlink to the two comics:

Team Dynamics Comic

Dark Days and Bright Nights

Thanks for the support!

Tyson C.

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Hiatus/Restructuring the Comic

As of right now, I’m taking time to rewrite the first arc of the comic. I may also change the address of the site. I’ll continue to post updates of the progress as it happens.

Twitter and Summer Updates

Hello Readers,

“The Extraordinary” now has a Twitter account posting comic updates. If you like the comic, please share, retweet, and tell others about it. It is @TheExtraO_Tyson

Also, because of summer classes and my new work schedule, I’ve decided to shift my update schedule so I don’t get too backed up. I’ll be shifting to Monday updates only. I’m still working on pages for the next few chapters in between my obligations and I hope to return to my original two-a-week plan soon. Thanks for the support.

Tyson C.

New Facebook Page

Today’s comic is the final update to be display on this account.  I’ve opened a new Facebook Page called “The Extraordinary Site”.  I’m also going to start looking into alternative means of advertisement. Updates on my site will continue as scheduled.

Thanks for reading!

Tyson C.